Classroom Spelling Games for Students

Due to the COVID-19 most schools have been left with no option but to shut down. This has seen many parents taking up home schooling. Parents who find themselves stuck between which games can be both educating and fun to play for kids could the classroom spellings games for students while home schooling.

The following fun list of classroom spelling games is suitable for students between grade two and six.

Topping the List is the Buzz off Spelling Game

You can have your kids stand in a circle and choose a person to start and say a word to spell. Then it goes around from the first kid to all the other standing around the circle. While playing the game each student says out the next in the word until the whole word is spelt correctly.

From then the next student says buzz and the next off and the last student sits down. The tricky of the game is the student whose letter misspells the word also has to sit down. The game goes on until only one student remains standing.

Another Game You Can Try Is Spelling Team Tic Tac Toe #1

In this game students are divided into two teams. You can then draw a big tic tac toe grid on the whiteboard or chalkboard. Then kids from each team will take turns to orally spell a chosen word correctly. Now, if the word is spelt correctly they add an x or an o to the grid for their team. The first team to have their Xs in a row wins the round.

You Can Also Try Is Spelling Team Tic Tac Toe #2

Similar to the one mentioned above, in terms of dividing the teams and drawing the tic tac toe grid. The only difference when playing this one is ids get to choose their own square on the grid. However when they spell the word incorrectly their X is erased.

The Snowball Spelling Game

You write the letters of a sound on a sheet of paper. The sound can be one that the kids have been studying. You then fold the paper into a ball which is then thrown to any child who will then ‘say’ out the word of the written sound. They all take turns rotating to say sounds and spelling the word.

Another Game worth Trying is Unscramble

You can put the students in groups or teams of two or three facing the whiteboard. Then every team has its first person with a personal whiteboard, a marker and an eraser. So, in this game you write down a jumbled version of a word. Then on ‘go’ the team members unscramble the word. Whichever player comes first wins a point for their team.

The white board is then passed to the next player of the team till they all rotate.

The above games are especially recommended by early childhood teachers. They believe strongly and wholeheartedly in the value of children learning through playing games.