Free Online Educational Gaming Sites to Keep Kids Learning During Lockdown

Since late 2019 up to date the COVID-19 pandemic has strike around the globe. This has seen almost every sector affected in one way or the other. Schools have not been spared as well and have since been closed. Therefore some schools have resorted to learning online and conducting their studies there. There are a number educational gaming sites that children have access to.

These games are considered to be very educational and important in the developmental of children from an early age. If you are among parents who are wondering how you can give your children some play time while helping to develop their brain, look no further.

The games listed in this article are definitely a must try. The good news is you can access them online from free. That is you will be playing them in the comfort of your home without having to go out where you may compromise the safety of your kids and yourself.

Mister Nussbuam

This application is a brain child of a Virginia school teacher, Greg Nussbuam.It has over 5000 learning content and there kids can grade themselves. It can be accessed on a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

PBS kids game

This game is mainly for entertainment. This application contains games that teach children mathematical calculations and literature. It also contains reading tests. The literature found there include the cat in the hat and Curious George.

Shepherd Software

This game is founded by Brad Shepherd. This application is easy to use and it’s found online. This software allows children and teachers to access data easily.


Jeff Kinney who is an author and deals with Virtual reality founded this site. This application provides stories and games which help school children.

National Geographic kids

The national geographic is a very famous game world-wide. It provides an interactive platform for the kids to learn. These include scientific learning, quiz, geography and puzzles. It also provides games such as wildest weather and Underground Railroad.

Fun brain

This game is mainly for children in preparatory school. It helps kids developed skills in reading, writing, mathematical calculations and many other things.

Primary games

This application mainly helps primary school kids. It covers all aspects of the curriculum such as math, languages, arts and social studies. It also has a curriculum guide for teachers.

BBC schools

This is mostly popular among the British. It has digital interactive activities for example history, mathematics and languages. The games and activities are organized according to one’s age.


This site is mainly used by teachers. Its curriculum contains things that can be used from elementary level up to secondary. It provides game and activities for children.

Academic skill builders

These are educational video games. They teach children virtual arts, language and vocabulary. These games are fun and encourage kids to learn more.

In summation, there are a number of educational games that children can play online during this pandemic. These include Fun brain and primary games.