Children games

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Children games are important to children because they enjoy them. If the game involves action or puzzles, kids get excited and want to continue playing until they master the level. This is why children’s games are becoming very popular. There are now thousands of apps designed specifically for kids’ entertainment. Some of these games are free, some cost money. The question is: What kind of games should you choose?

children games
children games

Free Games

Free games are usually offered by developers as a way of promoting their other products. These can be games that have been created for adult audiences but were repackaged so that they could be played on mobile devices to attract the attention of younger users. It’s not uncommon to find these ad-supported games on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this, some games are entirely free of charge, meaning that you don’t need to pay any money if you download one of them. You won’t find many of these games on the app stores, which means that many people will never even know about them unless they stumble across them. However, some of these free games may be quite good.

Paid Apps

Paid games are normally found on the app store. They are often called “kids’ versions” of famous apps developed by big companies like Apple. For example, Angry Birds was originally released exclusively on Android phones but has since made its way to ios. Other paid games include Words with Friends, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Dr. Seuss Story Time, and more. Although they’re sometimes criticized for being too simplistic, these types of games are great for anyone who wants to introduce their kids to new activities. While you’re at it, you might want to check out our list of best game apps for toddlers.

Family Friendly Games

It used to be that only adults would create family-friendly games. But in recent years, more and more developers are creating games that are meant to entertain kids while still maintaining an appropriate amount of difficulty for grownups. One example of a game that fits into this category is Disney Jr., which features characters from classic stories like Beauty and the Beast and Frozen. The graphics are bright and colorful, and all of the songs on here are accompanied by fun animations. Another option is the educational App Store. Here, you’ll find lots of games that teach kids how to count, solve problems, read books and use technology (like smartphones). Many of these apps are free to download and try.

Educational Games

Educational games are aimed at improving various skills including math, reading, spelling, logic, problem-solving, and language. There are both free and paid options available. Just make sure that when looking for these games, you’re buying something appropriate for your child’s age. A game that’s too difficult for him/her may prove frustrating instead of learning. Parents may also want to consider checking out the list of best iPhone apps for educational purposes.

Action Games

Action games are exciting because they involve fast-paced gameplay and require constant interaction between the player and his device. An example of an action game is Minecraft, which allows players to build things and explore virtual worlds. Other examples include Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Cut The Rope, Infinity Blade III, and more. Action games are perfect for young children and teens because they help improve coordination and focus.

Strategy Games

Strategy games give players control over multiple units or armies within a given environment. This type of game requires strategy and thinking ahead since it can get complicated. Popular strategy games include Civilization VI, Clash Royale, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Strategy games are great for older kids and adults who enjoy playing computerized simulations.

Puzzle & Word Games

These two categories combine because they often feature word puzzles and challenges where players must figure out how to solve words or phrases using different letter combinations. Examples of puzzle and word games include Crosswords HD, Letterpress, and Scrabble Blitz. Puzzle and word games are good for getting the brain working since they challenge memory as well as attention and concentration.


There are so many types of games that kids love today. That being said, it’s important to keep up with what’s new and popular to ensure that your kids have access to the most interesting games.