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Video games- Reasons why parents must allow them

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Video games are being enjoyed across various demographics from students to businessmen, teens to seniors. Parents often wonder whether they should allow their kids to play or not, especially after reading articles stating certain negative aspects of gaming. Here are five reasons why parents should let their kids play video games.

video games

Games builds hand-eye coordination.

Playing a video game is like learning how to drive a car without actually driving one. There’s no better way to build your child’s hand-eye coordination than by playing video games. According to studies, children who spent time playing video games had less obesity compared to those who didn’t spend much time on it. This can be attributed to the fact that video games stimulate the brain and help develop motor skills. When you think about it, there’s really nothing else that helps improve motor skills as much as playing video games. And with technology getting more advanced every day, games get even harder and more challenging for us to beat!

Videos It keeps them in shape.

If you thought that kids who played video games were lazy all day long, then you’re wrong. Studies have shown that while people tend to sit around watching TV for hours at night, kids who play video games instead will usually stay up until 1am or 2am! They’ll also eat healthier because they won’t want to waste time going out to fast food joints when they could be playing video games. But what’s great about this is that these kids will still have energy throughout the day since they’ve been doing physical activities such as running and jumping for most of their waking hours. So if you want your kid to live longer and look good, giving them a chance to play games would definitely do the trick.

It gives them social interaction.

While we may think that video games don’t teach teamwork, they do. In order to win against other players, you need to work together in teams. You must know each other’s’ strategies and communicate effectively with them so that you both can succeed. These skills are very useful in real life situations, and they can only be developed through practice. This means that video games are important sources of socialization for young people today. Aside from helping kids learn the basics of communication, teamwork, strategy, and problem-solving, video games also provide opportunities for kids to make friends easily. This means that you don’t have to worry too much about your kids becoming loners. After all, they already have friends outside of school thanks to video games!

It improves cognitive thinking.

With the number of online games and mobile apps available, it seems like everyone wants to play something—anything! Sometimes, all we need to wake ourselves up is to switch off from our daily routines and play just for a few minutes. The same thing goes for video games. Some studies show that playing games for 30 minutes to an hour will increase your mental performance. And since these studies showed improvement in memory recall, you can expect that your kids’ grades will go up once they start gaming. Just make sure you keep track of their academic progress before letting them continue gaming regularly.

It teaches them things they can use later in life.

From a parent’s point of view, teaching our kids what not to do is probably the best gift we can give them. Video games are filled with characters and scenarios that teach them common sense and values like honesty, responsibility, and kindness. Kids who play these types of games have learned valuable lessons that can surely come handy once they grow older. For example, some games have characters who smoke. What parents should remember is that these video games are just fictional stories created by game developers. While many adults choose to indulge in cigarettes, but there are those who choose not to. Why? Because they see smoking as bad for health. That’s why video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are ideal for children—they allow them to imitate the actions of adults without actually being adults themselves. By teaching your child how to behave responsibly, you can rest assured that he/she will eventually become a responsible adult.


When we talk about video games, we often focus on the story line. However, games are more than just entertainment. They also serve as educational tools and learning materials. Aside from teaching basic vocabulary words, video games help